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Termites are one of the most destructive pests, that can cause a severe damage to a large extent to your valuable furniture and important documents.
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Mosquitoes are the roots of the various epidemic diseases like dengue, malaria and various others. They are a serious threat to the public health and not good for the environment as well.
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Cockroaches spread many diseases and pollute water, food and other edibles. The cockroaches can be a serious threat to hygiene and look really nasty while roaming around you especially you are having your food.
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Ants are nefarious in nature, multiplies faster and can create a serious havoc to the residents and industries.
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Carpet beetles occur naturally and enter your premises through the from improperly screened doors and windows.
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Silver fish damages starched linen, book bindings, curtains, card, paper, boxes and therefore need to get vanished. They are also known to impair leather and woolen material.
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Rats cause damage to the grains, food items and household property at a great extent. They are also credited to spread various diseases like plague, fever, nausea, vomiting, mental disorientation and various other diseases.
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Bed bugs are hard to find and therefore need an expert assistance for their detection and eradication. We use effective techniques to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs.
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PCT Pest Control is a renowned name in offering integrated pest management solutions to fulfill the diverse requirements of its esteemed clientele. Our pest control services are highly acclaimed in the residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. Every individual working with us has extensive experience of the respective domain. Moreover, We are well-equipped with the latest tools and techniques to render our services in the most efficient manner.

Our Mission

We use superior grade pesticides, which have no side-effects on the environment. Our adept professionals first analyze the level of infestation and then opt the method of applications and pesticides to be used to eliminate the pest.

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We aim high to attain maximum level of customer satisfaction. We have experience 5 years experience of this field. We charge nominally for our timely services. Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority.
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